Saiko KINO Profile

Saiko Kino Dancer
Saiko Kino studied in dance education at Ochanomizu University in Tokyo under the direction of Kyoko Makino. In 2004, she was granted a fellowship by the Japanese government in the Overseas Study Program for Artists that allowed her to study in France with Jose Cazeneuve. From 2005 to 2009 she worked with the Russell Maliphant Company (UK) as a dancer and performed, “Transmission” and “Cast No Shadow” two highly recognized pieces. She toured throughout Europe and abroad; UK, France, Germany, Italy, Korea, the USA, etc. The basis of her technique covers a range of styles including improvisation, ballet, release technique, yoga, Tai Chi, and Feldencrais technique. She also experiments with African dance. Additionally, Saiko has collaborated with many improvisational musicians including Michiyo Yagi (on koto), Hugues Vincent (cello), Masahiko Ueji (piano), Noritaka Tanaka (drums), and others. She searches to find the border between composition and improvisation.

Saiko Kino Choreographer
Born in Sapporo, Japan, Saiko Kino initially studied dance education. After graduating she spent time creating solos in collaborative pieces with musicians and visual artists. In 2003, Saiko received a prize from the prestigious Yokohama Art Foundation Prize in their Solo Duo Competition at Red Brick Hall. She continued to expand in her work as a choreographer.

In 2004, Saiko was granted a fellowship by the Japanese Overseas Study Program to study with the choreographer Jose Cazenueve in France.  After training under Russell Maliphant in the UK for several years, she got commission from the Place Prize for her first international collaboration piece, titled “IchI”. “IchI” was performed again at the Place’s theatre in London during “Spring Loaded at the Place 2009” and at the Dance Triennale Aoyama, Tokyo, in 2009. 

Saiko Kino Facilitator
After earning her dance education degree, Saiko Kino worked in local Junior High and Senior High Schools as a physical education teacher. Returning from her period in Europe as a dancer in training, she continues this work at the university and college levels, and is interested in creating workshops that are available to both students and the wider public.

Saiko now lives in Kanagawa and has started making community pieces that involve bringing together various partners. She also holds distinctive public workshops which are open to all participants. Her latest piece “Karatachikara” is a collaboration work with the Sugamo Church and their chorus group.

From 2010 onwards, she has worked with Merlin Nyakam (a Cameroon choreographer/dancer from France) in the role of choreographic assistant at the Shizuoka Performing Arts Center (SPAC). 

My Works:

“Shizuka”(2014)(45min, including 15min small improvisation before performance)
BankART Studio NYK 3C Garelly
Collaboration work with Michiyo Yagi ( 17,21strings Koto, song),Asako Miura(Lighting)

"Karatachi"(2012)"Karatachi kara"(2013)(60min)
Sugamo church
"Karatachi kara" is re-creation piece from "Karatachi".
Collaboration piece with Amanogawa project workshop and Sugamo church, Choir shantey chorus group.

"Dance and Music"
Sapporo Shiryokan (2012.1)
Takikawa Museum of art and nature( 2012.1) , Mitsugu Sugiyoshi Exhibition.
Sapporo red berry studio( 2012.10), collaboration with Mitsugu Sugiyoshi( Sumie live painting)
Trial about improvisation and composition.
Collaboration with Hugues Vincent( cello), Masahiko Ueji( Piano), Ray Nakazawa( Dance).

Tiara Koutou small theater.
Collaboration with Nobunaga Ken( Flame drum)

Kanagawa art theater
Collaboration with Michiyo Yagi( Koto) and Asako Miura( Lighting design),Izumi Miyamura( costume).

"Never let me go"(2012)(20min)
Theater X(2012)
Collaboration with Masahiko Ueji(Piano)

"AMANOGAWA Project"(2012)
Film piece , creation from workshop and dialogue.
Collaboration with 427@FOTO( film), Masahiko Ueji(compose).
Supported by Kawasaki art center(2012)

Kawasaki Art Center
Collaboration with Noritaka Tanaka (Drum) and Asako Miura( Lighting design)

      YRBW dance project vol.3 Yokohama red brick warehouse(2010)
      Including 3 pieces ( We can perform separately but that is very connecting by dramatrug)
      “Edge” ( remake version.18min)
    “When Children are born”( community dance piece with SUGIGEKI ricorder group ,15min.)
    “Camellia” (30min)

“IchI”(15min to 23min)
The Place Prize 2008 ( London)
Collaborate with Jackie Shemesh( lighting),Shizuka Hariu ( Set) , Alies Sluiter( music),Takashi Ueno( dance)

Spring Loaded 2009 at the Place theatre ( London)18min version.
Dancers were Takeshi Matsumoto, Saiko Kino

Dance Triennale Aoyama2009 (Tokyo)
Dancers were Takashi Ueno, Saiko Kino, Musicians were Chiyoko Uehara, Mariko Araki, Noritaka Tanaka

“The three cornered world”(18min)
Resolution! 2008 at The Place theater (London)
Danse Box at Espace culturel Bertin poiree (Paris)
Spring loaded at The Place theater(London)

Resolution! 2006 at The Place theater (London)
Yokohama soloduo competition 2007 at Red brick hall(Yokohama)
Dance Biennale Seoul 2006(Seoul)

“Jump for joy”(15min)
Dance Biennale TOKYO 2004 show case at Aoyama Free hall(Tokyo)

“Silent bomb”(1h)
Labo selection 2004 at ST spot (Yokohama)

“HAKO ONNA”(18min)
Yokohama solo duo competition 2004 at Red brick hall (Yokohama)
Collaborate with Koichi KIDO

OKAMOTO TARO museum of art (Kawasaki),
Collaborate with HIGUMA Haruo

“In the room”
Korea Japan dance contact 2003 (Seoul)
Collaborate with Shinmei Suzuki(electric violin), Tatsuya MIZOGUCHI(artist)

Yokohama solo duo competition 2003 at Red brick hall (Yokohama)
Prize of Yokohama art foundation
Japan Korea dance contact at Aoyama round hall(Tokyo)

Next wave dance Korea 2003 (Seoul)


English schedule(31.08.2014 updated)

English schedule
If you have any question or reservation, please send me e mail.

@Yaounde( Cameroon)/Shizuoka
Takase's dream (Le reve de Takase)
I worked this project 5years as choreographic assistant.
Merlin Nyakam and Shizuoka teenager's work.

(Japanese web:http://www.spac.or.jp/takase14_summer.html)

I will dance in Penguin Cafe Orchestra concert.
( Choreograph : Setsuko Yamada, Dance: Naoya Oda, Saiko Kino, Costume: Asuka Iwakkiri)

I met Penguin cafe orchestra when I was in elementary school. I danced one of their music. Time passed over 20years, their son continue their work and renamed as Penguin Cafe.
The work is still developing, and very interesting.
And perhaps bit exciting. 
We are very looking forward to see you again!


Performance detail (Japanese)

I will Re-create "Shizuka" in October at BankART NYK 2B Space.
Dance: Saiko Kino
Music: Michiyo Yagi (17-strings Koto,21-strings Koto,Voice)
Lighting design: Asako Miura
I performed in Feb. (In really heavy snowing!!) 

TIO 4th concert





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